Vast majority of research was done between 2006 and 2017 at Technincal University of Cluj Napoca

The liver has a complex microscopic structure. Alterations at this level affect the macroscopic properties of the liver and overall health of the human body.

To inexperienced eye, some images appear as a collection of random noise. This noise create the visual sensation of shapes and objects. I devised a way to quantify this intuition and use it to detect useful information from very “noisy” images.

Some crystalline substances under tension experiences a “flow” of its micro crystals. I devised a fairly robust Computer Vision pipeline to detect these features, automatically.

Texture analysis is viewed as a method to enhance the
diagnosis power of classical B-mode ultrasound image.

I thoroughly investigated such tools both on actual liver ultrasounds and on a novel liver tissue model.

There were many problems investigated, for most of them, the trained machine learning models reached very high level of accuracy.

Chronological listing of my papers and grants

Over 40 authored and co-authored papers and 7 grants