Hardware design

I ventured into PCB design as a software engineer, to bridge the gap between software and hardware, gaining a holistic skill set crucial skills but also to tap into every iota of performance potential.

First and foremost, expanding my know-how was a pivotal driver. In the world of technology, boundaries between software and hardware are becoming increasingly blurred. As ML and IoT intertwine to create intelligent and interconnected systems, the ability to comprehend and contribute to both sides of the equation has transformed from a luxury to a necessity. By venturing into PCB design, I aimed to bridge this gap and gain a deeper understanding of how hardware intricacies influence the performance and efficiency of the software-driven applications I develop.

In the realm of IoT, where the real world converges with the virtual, PCBs play an instrumental role in materializing the digital visions. As an IoT enthusiast, I sought to sculpt the communication pathways that would empower my devices to seamlessly interact with each other and the cloud. Designing PCBs enabled me to shape the sensory interfaces, power management systems, and data transmission channels, effectively sculpting the backbone of my IoT/ML projects.

As in 2023, the product has 400+ days of uptime.

For more details, here is an excrept.


Around 2021 I embarked into a short adventure in blockchain. The project was pretty awesome: LBRY is a place where users can find great videos, music, ebooks, and more: imagine a vast digital library that is available on all of your devices.

Traditional video (or other content) sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify store your uploads on their servers and allow viewers to download them. They also allow creators to make some money through advertising or other mechanisms. However, there are some well-known drawbacks, especially for people whose material is perceived as not being advertiser-friendly or politically correct

I contributed with few small bug fixes and with a component that helps the network deliver content: https://github.com/cristi-zz/reflector-lite

Web development

In some of my roles, I utilized Java EE and Python Django to create and maintain web applications. I developed features, frontend/backend logic, and integrated databases, ensuring seamless functionality and user-friendly interfaces.

An end to end solution that helps people and companies find a common ground, is here: hn-sorter.com